Current Business Challenge

Commercial construction today is growing and evolving in both the size and scale of the projects, but also in the tools and technologies used to create the projects.  There are several platforms that engineering firms are gravitating to, but they are limited in the total number of material and product type selections that they can define and refine their material and/or system selections on.  Many times the actual specified materials are done at a later date and or detail work must then be done by other firms due to this limited availability and a limitation of data of materials that fit within these drawing and design estimation tools.

Save Time

Supply  Source Solutions creates the most comprehensive platform for drawing and design the complete project with manufactured goods available and at the ready.  The unsurpassed and unbiased database allows engineers to complete the project faster and with more specification details than ever before.  

Save Money

Supply Source Solutions creates a more complete and comprehensive take off from the initial drawings using the leader in design drawing software.  By offering the most comprehensive access to both product, price, specification, and availability engineering firms greatly reduce the costs of reworks and increase the output results of each project.

Be More Efficient

Supply Source Solutions creates the most efficient bolt on tools to the worlds leading drawing and design platforms that increase the volume of detail, but also decrease the amount of time and money it takes to complete a drawing and design.  Our tools also include machine learning technology that enables plug and play components reducing the redundancy of the design / drawing phase of the project. 

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