frequently asked questions

Don't Worry, You're not alone. Here are some FAQ's and the Answers you are seeking!

Who is Supply Source?

What is the Supply Source Solutions Group and how can they benefit my business?

How can Supply Source Help me as an Owner / Architect?

How can Supply Source Help me as a General Contractor?

How can Supply Source Help me as a Sub-Contractor?

How can Supply Source Help me as a Manufacturer?

How can Supply Source Help me as a Design Engineer?

How does Supply Source Help me be more efficient?

How is Supply Source different than other bidding tools?

Does Supply Source only allow me to purchase through Ecommerce?

How do I know I am getting the best price on the products I am purchasing?

How does Supply Source handle returns?

How does Supply Source manage my orders?

How does Supply Source allow me to finish my Revit Drawings in platform?

Does Supply Source offer multiple manufacturers to choose from?

Does Supply Source allow me to still use Revit after my purchase?

Does Supply Source offer a takeoff list?

Can I use the take off list from Supply Source and purchase from my local distributor?

Does Supply Source allow me to complete my drawings in the platform?

Does Supply Source offer standard models to complete my drawings such as coil units?

What if I do not have any drawings can I still use Supply Source?

Can I download the product specification material only?

Are there additional costs to push data back into Revit?

Do my completed drawings need redrawn in Revit once the order has been placed?

How do I access the Supply Source Partner Companies?

Will you resell my manufacture data?

How did you get my product information?

Can I supply you with a complete set of data and Revit drawings?

Technical Questions:

How do I import my Revit Files?

How do I add a drop down from the selection menu?

How do I view product details?

How do I complete the outstanding items my drawing was missing?

How do import my drawings?

How do I complete my order?

How do I get drawing assistance?

What is SiteLine Pro?

Are any other drawing software’s supported?

How does the product percentage calculator work?

Why do some of my dimensional drawings not match?