General Contractors


Current Business Challenge

General Contractors compete in a highly fragmented environment with little visibility to true material costs while carrying the berdon to produce the project on time and on budget.  In many cases early on in the project they burn through weeks worth of bids and draw conclusions on vendors based on factors that might be less related to the quality of the work that is going to be performed but the costs associated with the availability of the materials and / or the buying power of the sub-contractors that are going to be performing the service.  This process takes months to evaluate and track down results at an every growing cost.

Save Time

Supply Source Solutions revolutionizes the way the tools and technology can facilitate large data sets in a single platform that is organized and easy to use in order to both source service providers, but also gain critical visibility to material pricing within hours or day rather than weeks and months.

Save Money

Supply Source Solutions systemically reduces the amount of time and labor involved in evaluation of new and emerging projects by supply all the relevant information up in one centralized platform.  Clarity and details never seen before in this industry cut waste and shorten the cycle of every stage of the build project.

Be More Efficient

Supply Source Solutions makes it possible to estimate and deliver results from the onset of the project as well as shorten the initial stages of the build from months to hours, but our platform also leverages a partner ecosystem that enable cross collaboration, and a higher level of focused communication throughout the entire building projects and across all trades and services.  

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