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Current Business Challenge

Manufactures have been facing every changing economic conditions that have driven down profits and required them to consider alternative resources to procure material and sell their goods to the market.  Imports have driven down pricing on domestic brands and the old school model of distributing their goods has continue to escalate year over year to simply maintain visibility and shelf space in brick and mortar wholesale channels.  

The process to which consumers review and evaluate their purchasing decisions has also greatly changed with the introduction of the internet thus leaving many manufacturers slightly behind on creating  proper digital assets to both provide consumers knowledge on features and benefits, but also the assets that consumers now demand with evaluating and purchasing goods such as, how to install, how to use, how to evaluate against the competition, and where to purchase.  This coupled with the growing interest for the Business-to-Business world to purchase goods and services online has created a disconnected environment where consumers are uncertain where to buy, and who to buy from.

Save Time

Supply Source Solutions allows the Manufactures to track an measure the high volume product and materials that they bring to the market on usage and purchase evaluations as it relates to new projects that are being designed at the earliest stages of planning.  Our platform brings the most comprehensive database of manufactured goods to the market and is non descriminatory of leveraged dealings allowing the consumers to have a complete set of tools to compare and contrast while making their purchase decisions.  

Save Money

Supply Source Solutions increases the visibility of true cost to purchase manufactured goods and materials by bringing together the existing wholesale market pricing and the emerging digital commerce pricing allowing the consumer to clearly view the best market price.  This increased visibility allows the manufactures to leverage a new channel to market and deliver their goods to the their consumers at a much higher margin by reducing the leverage point in the commercial construction industry.

Be More Efficient

Supply Source Solutions allows manufactures to position and promote their products and goods in a digital platform that is not based on a pay-to-play or purchase-to-promote scenario that is built to exclude manufactured products which reduces the choice and selection of the consumers.  Our solutions provides the visibility was designed with the manufactures in mind to allow them to compete on product by product evaluation and not on volume based purchasing power.

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