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Current Business Challenge

The commercial construction industry is supported by a great number of specialized trade services that enable the industry to grow, however, they are being challenged every day to complete on pricing and cost reductions that is now coupled with a growing shortage of labor  to perform these specialized services.  Our skilled labor force is the lifeblood of our industry and our sub-contractors are spending more time and resources chasing down opportunities bidding and estimating these projects at a high cost to engage and losing money in many cases on the material as the point of purchase.  The skilled labor and trade services are built to promote and leverage their service and not sell and promote manufactured goods which has increased the challenge for our sub-contractor trades to offer high wages and sustained labor.

Save Time

Supply Source Solutions enables the local and national sub-contractor trades to be present in an ecosystem that promotes additional project opportunities while reducing the time it takes to bid or estimate the material factor associated with the project.  By leveling the playing field on the specified material at the bidding stage we create a state of service evaluation which allows our skill trades to bid on cost and overhead directly related to the quality of the work they perform rather than the material they can purchase.

Save Money

Supply Source Solutions makes it possible for sub-contractors to not only get access to many more project, much earlier on in the bidding process, but we also level the playing field on material pricing so the focus on selling services becomes the main focus and not the ability to buy and sell materials.  Additionally, Supply Source Solutions enables our sub-contractors to spend more on the skilled labor and less on the cost of new business acquisition which creates more opportunities by offering higher wages and benefits. 

Be More Efficient

Supply Source Solutions reduces the amount of time it takes to bid and estimate a  project greatly reducing the costs associated with both awarded and non-awarded projects.  By freeing up the time and opening up the access to all material goods market pricing our sub-contractors can sell their services generate more business and lower their overhead.

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